Buhari govt not capable of protecting Nigerians – Moghalu Says

A previous official up-and-comer in the last broad decisions, Kingsley Moghalu has said President Muhammadu Buhari-drove government isn’t equipped for ensuring Nigerians. Moghalu said this on Sunday while responding to the killing of 43 ranchers by Boko Haram psychological militants in Borno state.

The previous official competitor bemoaning about the condition of uncertainty said the ongoing misfortune shows Nigeria is turning into a bombed state under Buhari. Moghalu on his Twitter page expressed: “The uncouth executing of 43 Nigerians in Zabarmari town in Borno State by Boko Haram is a public shock and misfortune. It’s undeniably evident that
@NigeriaGov can’t secure the lives of Nigerians. I don’t get that’s meaning? Our nation is turning into a bombed state.

“The genuine test we face: Can Nigeria make due until 2023 without an enormous collapse? #NoSecurity #NoEconomy. What’s left? #Restructuring

Moghalu focused on that it is a public disgrace that the public authority is worried about the End SARS dissidents while psychological oppressors have a field day.

“It is a tragedy that an administration that can’t ensure the lives of its residents burns through the entirety of its effort endeavoring to smother #EndSARS quiet nonconformists, freezing their financial balances and bringing false legitimate charges.

” Our administration and our Central Bank call serene residents agents of psychological warfare” while the genuine fear based oppressors are having a field day with Nigerian lives and nobody evidently can stop them and their genuine lenders. It is a public disgrace,” Moghalu tweeted.

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